profile-pict-2 I’m Denise Lang and I’m running as a Democrat for NM House of Representatives District 51. I’m the daughter of an Air Force officer, was married to a Vietnam veteran and am most grateful to be a mother and grandmother. I moved to Otero County 40 years ago, in 1983 I received my degree in accounting from NMSU. I’m asking for your vote because this county needs a new voice. We need a voice that will work to spend our money wisely and improve the lives of everyday people. I want to focus on fixing our schools and bringing well-paying jobs in innovative industries such as solar power. While my opponent’s number one priority is transferring federal lands to the state, which would be very expensive to NM taxpayers, I propose we protect our national public lands and instead work on things that help us day to day- schools, jobs, and health services.

Help me be a new voice for Otero and for New Mexico House of Representatives, District 51.

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