We must decide if we are going to continue with more of the same- more budget cuts, worsening schools and access to services or if we going to turn things around. We need to invest in our future and stop the senseless fight to transfer our National Forests to the State where they could be privatized or sold.

It’s time for a change- vote Denise Lang!

Improve our Schools– STOP wasting money on PARCC testing and instead put money into our teachers and classrooms. We lose too many teachers every year because we force educators to teach to the test and we have one of the lowest pay rates in the country. I believe that fully funding our schools from pre-k to university will save our state money in the long-run by growing our economy and preparing people for jobs of the future. We need more skilled workers, not less. More Info Here

Jobs in New Industries like Tech and Solar- We should be leading the nation in solar power and looking towards the jobs of the future. I will work to pass reforms that encourage the development of alternative energy.

Protect our National Forests and stop fighting over them- We need to stop wasting time and energy attempting to transfer federal lands to the state and instead work with the federal government and forest service to ensure public access and good management.

Honest Government – We need to reduce the influence of big money in government. My donors are individual people who care about my message – not big businesses who just want a tax break or other government favors. The difference in campaign contributions between my opponent and me could not be more clear. When elected I will represent everyday people, not special interests.

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